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Creating Art

Tina In Tulip Trees

Since I first began drawing and painting – I’ve taken snaps on my phone of the process, not to particularly show anyone, just for myself , and I’ve found these pics to be really helpful to see if something ‘works’ or not (works for me that is!). 

I think most artists are compelled somewhat to paint themselves – Warts an all in the words of Oliver Cromwell.  I’ve always tried to draw myself  in truth. Fat, ginger, cripple, older, wrinkly (except once but there was a reason and that painting will be on here soon enough!). This painting Tina in Tulip Trees was the first time I’ve seriously painted myself, and anyone who knows me will say that it’s a pretty good likeness. When I first started to sketch myself then paint in the tones of darkness, I was told I wasn’t being kind enough to myself, I do think I distressed some with my enormous eye bags! But I DO have eyebags! So here’s one quandary  – As the creator, are you tempted to plump cheeks, smooth wrinkles and de-age?  As you can see – in my case – NO. 

I think since smart phones came out I’ve taken about 5 selfies. This is one, I was wet, soaking wet, I was upset. My PIP review had arrived, so I was frantic, depressed, anxious, depressed. But also felt wonderful because the Steve Morgan foundation had gifted me a portable wheelchair, and this was my first outing in it. In the rain. 
I felt suicidal about PIP, yet joyous at a flamingo pink wheelchair. 

This was the portrait that came out of those conflicted feelings.