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Solidarity Of Hope Collective

The solidarity of Hope collective


Solidarity of Hope – I See You|

Several months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to join a new collective of Artists. Formed by Helen Roeten and Rachel Gadsden and incorporating artists from Holland, Wales and the UK. 
I’ve never been part of a collective before and was hesitant, after 3 years of being alone in my art room. Partly covid, partly disablement but mostly not knowing HOW to ‘be’ with people even though it would take place via zoom. I know only one other artist (Samantha Dinsdale Brown who was my partner in the Jerwood prize), and had done a workshop the year before with Rachel, but to me this was a step into the unknown. 
My dad used to say that people are the same the world over – and he was right. 

The first time we all met online, despite our many differences, we gelled immediately. Even the language barrier didn’t stop our constant chatter! We have become true and caring friends, we support each other, listen, learn and work together in Art. 
What a fantastic experience it is to be a part of something like this, with such talented and lovely ladies (no men yet!). 
It was unfortunate for me, that the collective’s first show, commissioned by the Unity Festival Wales came at a time when I couldn’t attend, but the whole gang made me feel a huge part of it, and it is with great pride I share the video below of our collective endeavours. 

A huge Thank you to me dear friends in the collective for allowing me to share their photographs, and also thank you to Rachel, Helen, and Freddie for letting me share the video of the show for your enjoyment. 

Welcome to ‘I SEE YOU’

By The Solidarity of Hope Collective. 

Through visual art, performance and soundscape Solidarity of Hope – I See You is a multidisciplinary live art, sound and digital performance that places disabled professional artists centre stage to express the challenges and hopes of the moment. Underpinning the performance will be the notion that disabled and vulnerable individuals “Do not wish to be erased’ and are now connecting, as an empowering force, to share their stories of physical and psychological survival. 
Through the many challenges they encounter, the performance will ultimately celebrate the abundant strengths that members of the collective draw upon to survive and retain their sense of hope. 

The Solidarity of Hope Collective formed in 2022 to unite Dutch, Welsh and UK creatives : Helen Roeten, Rachel Gadsden, Samantha Dinsdale-Brown, Tina R, Emily Barroso, Jordan Sallis, Linda and Bethany Sutton, Grietje Margreet Killian, Miek Knook, Jill Powell, Margo Van Strijp, Rach Wellbeing and Elly Wright. 

This performance for the Unity Festival in Llanelli Wales was created in collaboration with Freddie Meyers (composer and digital producer) and Emily Earl – Violinist. 

BSL (sign language) By Ant Evans. 

Many thanks go to the funders of this project – Arts Council Wales and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom. 
To the Unity Festival for commissioning the performance, and Disability Arts Cymru, and the Living Museum, Alkmaar, for their wonderful support throughout the conception and development of The Solidarity of Hope and this Premiere performance. 



Above is the film Cinderella which featured in ‘I See You’
(Poem and artist – Tina Rogers
Film maker – David Robinson). 

Below is the performance element of ‘I See You’ at the Unity Festival on Saturday 2nd July 2022

Many thanks to my fellow artists for allowing me to share these photographs with you!